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Request an Evaluation in Dallas, TX

If you are interested in gleaning more information relative to your cognitive, emotional, intellectual/academic, or social functioning, requesting an evaluation involves the following steps.

Getting Started

Step 1 – Create a referral

A referral may come from different individuals such as:

  • The parent of the child
  • CPS Case Manager or Case Worker from a foster agency
  • Yourself


Step 2 – Submit the consultation form

Please complete our consultation form, which is secure and HIPAA compliant

If the referral is in regards to a child in foster care, please visit our Foster Population Page.

Step 3 – Verifying the insurance eligibility

For those clients who are insured by any of the following, please provide us with the client’s name, date of birth, insurance carrier, and insurance ID number:

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Railroad
  • Traditional Medicaid
  • BCBS
  • Federal BCBS

Check out the Insurance and Payment Information Page for more details on insurance, payment and cancellation policies.

Step 4 – Schedule an Evaluation

Once your insurance is verified, we will have someone from our team contact you for scheduling. Unless during non-business hours, you will typically here from us within 24 hours of your request.

Step 5 – Come in for the Evaluation

On the day of your evaluation, please be on time and prepared to stay for two to three hours, depending on the reason for referral.

Got Question?

You may find the answers by visiting our FAQ page, emailing us at referrals@legacypsychology.com, or calling us at +1 (214) 760-1964.


  • 214.760.1964
  • referrals@legacypsychology.com
  • 1341 W. Mockingbird Lane Suite #760W Dallas, TX 75247

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